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Пример лагеря

Пример лагеря

В каталогах описание лагеря выглядит примерно так:

D-SCI (Код страны лагеря - обычно первая буква старны)

5.18 (код напрвленности лагеря (.) порядковый номер)

Bonn (город, где будет проходить лагерь)

21.07 – 5.08 (сроки)

15 vols (количество волонтеров в лагере)

(далее описание программы лагеря на английском языке)

The “Spielplatz Finkenweg“ is an institution located in Kohlkaul, a district of Bonn. The institution is staffed by qualified pedagogues who are dedicated to work with local children und young adults who face social difficulties. The “Kindertreff” is a free and open service for children where, in addition to play with them, they also teach them baking, cooking, dancing, arts and crafts. For young adults “Spielplatz Finkenweg” offers an outdoor area with old railway cars where they can meet. They are sensitive to different cultures and home countries of the children. During the camp there will be an inter-cultural project at the Kindertreff.

W: (тип работы) Holiday program with many games that support inter-cultural competence, building a wooden shelter outside where the young adults can meet

S: (обучающая часть) Get to know the institution and work with socially disadvantaged children an young adults

A: (проживание) Classroom located on the playground area

F: (питание) Self-catering in the classroom kitchen

Q: (дополнительно) Camp language: English and German, willing and able to work with handicrafts

Коды направленности лагерей:

  • 1. Antiracism, antifascism, refugees and ethnic minorities
  • 2. North South solidarity
  • 3. Peace and disarmament
  • 4. Disabilities
  • 5. Children, teenagers, elderly people
  • 6. Environment
  • 7. Sexuality and gender
  • 8. Socially disadvantaged (homeless people, poverty etc.)
  • 9. Art, culture and local history
  • 10. Ideology and spirituality
  • 11. Others


Второй по порядку миротворческий лагерь, организованный VIA Belgium (Бельгия), будет иметь код:

B-VIA 3.2

Третий по порядку лагерь по тематике "солидарность", организованный KVT Finland (Финляндия),будет иметь код:

FIN 2.3